Success Story: “…It Was Easy To Choose Franklin”


Geoff Heanue recently shared his success with our Little Giant® branded Aeration Systems to show the value we’ve brought to his business. Here’s what he had to say about it…

“Our three ponds were so murky and dirty that our fish were literally coming to the top of the water and gasping for air. The need for aeration was an absolute must. We purchased five, one horsepower Little Giant branded Aeration Systems, and installed two pumps in each of our larger ponds and one in our smaller pond. The installation was easy and the pumps are working great. We saw value almost immediately. Our fish aren’t dying and the ponds look much cleaner. Being a Franklin Electric Key Dealer in the groundwater industry already, we have built a strong partnership that led to us hearing about the company’s pond management product line. From there, it was easy to choose Franklin.”

Before After Pictures

--- Geoff Heanue, Heanue Well Drilling, in Prosperity, South Carolina

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