Now Available: 1 hp Aeration System


The Little Giant® Aeration System is now available in both ½ and 1 horsepower models, providing multiple options for contractors to improve the beautification and biological health of larger-sized bodies of water.

Features and BenefitsLittle Giant Aeration System1

  • Ready to use out of the box as an all-in-one package that includes the float, aerator, and a proven Franklin Electric submersible motor
  • Moves up to 800 gpm to aerate up to 1 full acre of water, making unit sizing very simple
  • Features a 150-foot cord for added placement flexibility
  • Maintains its simple design without bolts or screws to minimize installation time
  • Additional applications: decorative bodies of water, water agitation, ice prevention, and mixing

Optional Conversion Kit
One unique feature of the Little Giant Aeration System is its ability to quickly transform into an attractive fountain display. An optional conversion kit includes the pump head, nozzle stem, and multiple fountain nozzles that are interchangeable between both the ½ and 1 horsepower models. With the easy installation of your selected fountain nozzle, the system provides up to five different spraying patterns – known as the Sonata, Cantata, Concerto, Staccato, and Crescendo – appealing to any aesthetic preference with average spray heights from eight to 15 feet and average spray widths from 14 to 30 feet.

Click here to see the Aeration System video, or click here for more information about the product.