Step 1 in Building the Dream Water Garden – Finding the Perfect Location


It’s time to start thinking about a location for that dream water garden. The following tips will help you plan where to build it:

  1. Learn how the sunlight travels across the yard and what direction water run-off drains to. The water garden should be located where interation can be made by a patio or deck and with a pleasant view from a window Little Giant Koi Pondinside.
  2. About 5 to 6 hours of sunlight per day is important for fish and plant life. When excessive amounts of sunlight are present, floating plants and lilies can help reduce exposure which could prevent algae blooms.
  3. Prevent site run-off from entering the pond. Chemicals and other debris from the yard can affect the natural balance of the pond. Also consider where the overflow from the pond will go after a heavy rain.
  4. Trees are a great shade tool in any landscape and their leaves and twigs can find their way into the pond. Design and install the proper filtration components, such as a skimmer, to ensure a pleasant ponding experience with minimal maintenance.
  5. Don’t forget to check local regulations. There may be design restrictions in your area or a building permit may be required. Always remember to dial 811 before you dig. Know what’s below.